Monday, September 1, 2008

Attention Blog Readers!!

I know, I know, you're terribly tired of reading about Hurricane Gustav - and you're killing yourself looking for an update on how we're doing at this little event you may not have heard of yet - oh, the Republican National Convention.  Well, I'm here to serve.  I live to, really.  So, here goes.  (as long as my Holiday Inn wireless network is available and I don't just fall asleep because, well, I am in a bed...)

I'll do this chronologically:
All packed and ready to go!  I usually take the Metro to Reagan - but that black suitcase is a beast - I overpacked, in case Gustav would leave us stranded in St. Paul for a few extra days - but this time, I took a cab.  

Even the cab driver noted my laziness "You walk from here, ha!" He said in his broken English.


I hated to leave my best buddy behind.

Brokaw did a nice job of looking extra pitiful, thus making me extra guilty-feeling.

Thank God he's in the gracious, loving hands of Jessi!

Shout out to Jessi - I so owe you one!!!

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cindy floyd said...

Was that a thong or just my magination ?