Friday, August 8, 2008

This and That

So, there is this tradition at the Washington Bureau called "Fridge Friday."  If you have anything in the fridge you care to keep, you better take it home!  Because if not, it's almost always destined for the trash can.

Since I'm in at least a personal recession (I'll let the economists, lawmakers and presidential candidates debate the status of the nation), and I'm paying a mortgage and my own crazy high rent right now, I'm trying to be frugal.

That means eating cereal.  Lots of it.  At home.  At work.  So, I have some milk in my water bottle in the work fridge.

I didn't want it to get thrown away before it expires.... So, I took action, and Nikole documented it.FridgeFriday 002 (Gosh... I look awful!  I really need to step it up more for work... maybe if I slept more than 4 hours at a time... maybe.)

I was laughing my bed head off... but this is serious business.

Too bad in my sleepless stuper I left the "a" out of "away".....

FridgeFriday 005

Please don't throw me away.

I seriously can't afford more milk and I will cry.

Fridge Friday is no joke!

This weekend I have to hit the road again... because EXACTLY what I want to do - spend 8 hours inside my SUV.  It's starting to feel like a prison cell.

But I have to be a responsible adult (sigh).  I have to go clean my house and fix up the yard so I can RENT IT OUT ASAP!  Shout out to my mom who is driving up from the OBX to help!

Where I really want to be is on my balcony... my new perch.

FridgeFriday 001

I got a papisan chair off of Craigslist, wahoo!

FridgeFriday 003

And yes, that's Brokaw chewing on an empty water bottle.

He likes chewing on empty plastic bottles almost as much as I like chewing on brownies.

Wish I had one right now... I even have milk to wash it down with.

Happy weekend to all of you.


kelly said...

brokaw is not the only one with a water bottle fetish. ranger, my chocolate lab, is obsessed with them. no exaggeration here. i'm talking pure obsession. he will literally stalk you if you have a bottle (of soda, juice, water, anything). he has been known to steal it from you -- while there is still liquid in it! he digs them out of the trash can when he thinks i'm not paying attention. and all of the sudden he comes around a corner with a bottle in his mouth. seriously, i think he needs counseling. guests are utterly confused (and a little freaked out) when he stares intently at them as they casually sip their beverage. and then when it's empty... watch out.

susan deshazo said...

you may be super tired, but you are really tan!!!

cindy floyd said...

What kind of bottle is that anyway? It looks like something vintage.

Jessi said...

I think I may have some milk left in the fridge. It may be a bit chunky...but you're welcome to have it. :)