You didn't think I'd leave you hanging, did you?  I wouldn't want you to lose sleep over my hair perils!  I think I've achieved success.  I dread the next time I go to the salon, I know I'm going to hear it!  But I can't go all root bearing trashy style to the GOP convention, people!  Seriously.  Now, I'm going to sleep for a couple of hours.  Nighty night.IMG_1875


  1. Thank goodness I didn’t see that one until it was over! Good job Blondie!

  2. Looks fantastic!!!!
    You need your cosmetologist license framed on your mirror now.

  3. Becky Barber says:

    It looks fantastic!! There’s no shame in DIY…I’ve never had my hair colored in a salon and I’ve been doing my own for 12 years! Thank you, Loreal!!

  4. It looks good-i’m impressed!

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