Saturday, August 23, 2008

Coffee Time

This morning, I was mad at Barack Obama for making me wait forever for that text that was just full of antissapointment... so I didn't watch the news at all. I played with iMovie... trying to build my editing skills. Here's my first attempt. The song is "Love" by the Matt White Band.


kristen said...

that was great!!! i especially liked the finger drumming. (as a sidenote, i was driving home from work just after 3a when obama informed me of his decision...too bad we got the information from AP 3hrs earlier!!!!)

Robin said...

are you kidding me?! brilliant. well-done for someone who's "just honing" the editing. i'm impressed that you only need three cups. :)

cindy floyd said...

I love it!! Three cups? Who are you trying to fool? Yowww mama?

Dana Brown said...

Thanks guys! And YES - 3 cups (not technical cups, I'm sure all of my mugs are really like 2 cups)

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