On my mind…

My mouth is on fire from pizza pepper. Ouch. But, that's a good thing. Free food at work at 3am is never a bad thing. I seriously need some water…

I don't think I can check my blackberry any more than I have been. The re-fresh button is getting a serious workout. I feel like waiting to hear Barack Obama's VP pick is like waiting for a baby to be born… Or waiting for a guy to call you back…

Ouch. Pizza mouth, still hurts.

I am on the laminator black list. Isn't that funny?

Yesterday, I went to Rite Aid to buy a new battery for my watch. My usual solution to this problem is to buy a new watch. But I was trying to be economical, practical, you know, because of my personal recession and all… Well, here's my question: How do you get the back off of the watch to insert said new battery? I was at a loss. I was defeated. I think I'm going to have to buy a new watch… Again. Then, I'll have three watches that I don't usually wear.


  1. try using a dime to open the back! although, i think your idea of buying a new watch is nifty…any excuse to go shopping!!!! :)

  2. Tip #1 If you go to the counter (hopefully there is a male behind the counter} “Do you know how to put a new battery in my watch?” This works great, especially on the old guys. Don’t forget to show your teeth(SMILE)

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