Monday, July 7, 2008

Yeah, so....

Please forgive my lack of blogging.  I have been a busy girl!  And I'm about to get even busier!

Had a great weekend... didn't take pictures, shame on me.  I watched the fireworks from the foot of the Washington Monument - I got one picture of fireworks that wasn't too bad - but it's difficult with a point & shoot digital camera to get a good photo of fireworks, ya know?  Add that to my list of reasons I really, really wish I had a Digital SLR.  One can only dream...

If I would have taken pictures this weekend, here are a couple of things I would have taken pictures of:

1. Jessi!!! It was so great to see this girl, and two days in a row!?!  What a treat.

2.  The steak & shrimp at Wes & Maggie's cookout.  Divine!

3.  My little patriotic creation I took to the cookout.  Graham crackers, topped with cheesecake filling with blueberries & strawberries on top - cute and a huge hit!

I **may** be moving next weekend.  Jury's still out on that.  I need prayer, my friends.  The tenant is moving out of the house that I own in Chesapeake - and if I don't secure someone new to rent the house to by the end of the week... my little apartment upgrade will be nixed!  If you know anyone who wants to rent a little house with 2+ bedrooms, stainless steel appliances and a fenced in back yard within the next oh, week - LET ME KNOW!  I could supply you with pictures - it's an adorable place and looking back at pictures this weekend made me actually miss my little home.

I was moving furniture around in my shoebox of an apartment this weekend and decided to re-arrange.  (The only person who will not think I'm a lunatic for doing this will be my MOTHER because she would totally do the same thing)  I found a set-up that allows me to watch TV from my bed (didn't realize how much I miss this) but a lot of sunlight comes in my face (can be difficult sleeping during the day).  Not a bad back-up plan... but...


Yep.  Incredible Hulk here pulled the entire cable outlet OUT OF THE TV.  Uh huh.  Don't mess with me!  Long story short - here are my options:

Hope the cable guy can fix it (stretch/a week away).

Get my other TV that is currently being stored (and used) from my Mom's house.  (but it is smaller and that's a two week wait)

-Also, that would defeat my master plan of watching TV in bed because then I would only have one TV and it would end up in the living room!


I pretty much feel like a poser.  Like I'm disconnected from the world.  Weird!!  I don't even watch that much TV - just news, really.  I won't be missing things like The Bachelor or worrying about people winning big on that show with bald Howie Mandel.  Don't really care about all of that - BUT I am used to watching all 3 network newscasts each night and re-plays of GMA, Today and re-runs of Gilmore Girls when I get home in the mornings.

Sigh.  At least I have all of the seasons of GG's on DVD.  Ironically, they helped me get through the silence and lack of television when I moved into my little house - for the week or so until that cable guy came.


Gretchen said...

If only this were to happen in the future, you could have come to my house and slept and your commute would be longer, but hello! roof top deck tanning?!?!?!?
OMG where is the jellies pict??

Jessi said...

We need to have dates two days in a row more often!
AND that pastry looks heavenly. Sigh....