Friday, June 27, 2008

Want a Treat?

ABPtreat 002 Say that to Brokaw... and he'll sit, sit pretty, lay down and play dead, all in a sequence, without you asking.

I'll do the same thing... for one of these.

I share with you, a glimpse of my morning.  Au Bon Pain runs are becoming a regular Friday thing for me, which is delightful, yet very notty.

My favorite item is the Creme de Fleur.  I don't pretend to speak french (I took Russian in high school) but I'm pretty sure that's French for "Dana can't resist me."

I meant to get oatmeal, but the CDF shot its powers at me and I couldn't help but get it.

I was victimized!

Whatever.  It's Friday, and that, my friends, is reason enough for the perfect trifecta of sugar, cheese, and crossiant.  Cheers!

I just realized my coffee cup says "write this story." HA!  How appropriate!  Our story this morning is about Obama & Clinton coming together in Unity, NH.  I keep singing "U-n-i-t-y!" in my head (alternating with the songs of course, for which my undying love never ceases.)


christin said...

Ok, first off - this picture is such a great morning picture. you know i loves the coffee-at-work pictures... :)
second, the Creme de Fleur (i believe it's "creme flower" - haha) was Kathy's and my FAVORITE dessert at Au Bon Pain in the hospital. We got it a couple times, and I have to say - it's even more amazing if you dip a little bit of it in your coffee. Yes. I'm not a donut-dipper or a usual coffee-dipper - but this was AMAZING.
it truly is the best treat on earth, and it's worth every calorie. :)

Rebecca said...

That looks yummy...I just had the cranberry orange scone from starbucks(it isn't comparing much to that yummy goodness)...keep waiting to hear how things go down in U-nity...interesting times are these for sure.

Nik said...

Oh no you didn't take a photo of your other morning joe?!? lol! i didn't even see your camera...and look, it's color coordinated too! U-N-I-T-Y!!!!

cindy floyd said...

Wow, I thought that was a big blow up picture of those items. Well, I think I need one, or two!