Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's Friday - celebrate!

CarSelfPortraits 002 I am wearing a really bright orange shirt today.  I got it at ATL the other day (side note: it's style card time, ladies - time to stock up on your ATL gear!) and I thought, what a fun summer color!  I paired it with those white pants that I stress over each time I wear them.  I really am too thick in the thighs to pull off white pants but I'm trying to rise above adversity and be an inspiration to others, you know?  I don't want my thighs and my insecurity about them to hold me back in life!  It was you, my blogging buddies who gave me the courage to wear these pants in the first place, so I do, proudly.  Even though I feel a little bit like a construction barrel.Constructionbarrel

I hope you've all had a good week.  I wish you a sunny, stress free weekend and to all those to whom it applies - Happy Father's Day!


Kristen said...

You look so tan!! I'm jealous! Rock on wit ya bad white-pants-wearin' self! *two snaps*

christin said...

I agree, you DO look tan - this is a great color!! at first I saw "ATL" and I was like "she went all the way to Atlanta to shop?" Then I figured out - Ann Taylor Loft. I'm a genius!
white pants, I have them too, and sure, I have a twinge of 'should i really wear these?' when I put them on, but screw that - I say we wear them PROUDLY!!! :)

Rebecca Atcherson said...

rock on with the white pants...i am pregnant and have a pair i wear and a pair of bermuda shorts. love the orange...and yes a little jealous of the tan and i am sorry for not checking on you. i have been a slacker this weekend...i am tired and not in class for 2 whole weeks!
oh and you crack me up!
happy weekend to you!

cindy floyd said...

You go girl! That hanging out with the old broads at the pool has paid off. You look great! Are you putting sunscreen on that pretty face?