Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love for Joe

Ladies and gentlemen, I would hereby like to point out that I totally saw a good thing coming - my faithful readers will testify to the fact that I love Morning Joe and I have for almost, forever, since it started.

Check today's New York Times!

I know a good piece of television news when I see it.  I should! Almost 10 years in the business - I would hope I have a good eye by now!  And my eye told me almost immediately that Morning Joe was BRILLIANT.




Who could ask for anything more?

Do yourself a favor - check it out: MSNBC, weekdays 6-9am. (make sure you watch the very last segment if nothing else!)


christin said...

you know, unbeknownst to me (your love for Morning Joe) - David had it on this week! I was like "hey i'm never home for this but this looks neato". So I think he was already watching.
did it go off the air and then return? I don't know the background. explain newswoman!

cindy floyd said...

You are such a JOE GIRL!

cindy floyd said...

Did you ever get a coffee cup?