Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pool Report

I am up past my bedtime.  Don't tell.  Shhhhh.  I'm the one who will pay, anyway!

So, I'm back from another trip to the pool and it was just glorious today.  I am never going back to not having a pool.  I think having a pool is like having a DVR.  It's supreme.  Once you get it, you can't go back.  I can't imagine watching LIVE television - what is that?  

Today I cracked open a new journal. Aren't new journals the best?  That new book smell, those perfectly flat, clean, empty pages - just full of possibility? I think this each time I get a new journal and I commit to have only the best handwriting and months of pure and lovely thoughts to jot down... that usually lasts about a minute - or at least until page 3.  I've actually been journaling lately on my laptop so my hand was quite tired after writing just 4 pages or so.  I am a free spirit journaler. (I had to come up with a different word than journalist because that's what I do for a living - and believe me, it is quite a departure from how I keep a journal).  

I love my journal because I make the rules.  
I digress... 

Back to the pool - because I'm starting to feel just as "at home" there as I do in my journal.  Today there were more people than the normal dayside crew.  Us regulars still know who we are, though.  There's the old leathery lady who sits half way under an umbrella, half way not, wearing a baseball cap and reading the Washington Post all day long (how can you read one newspaper all day? I don't get that but she looks happy, so whatev.)  Then there's the older couple with their grandson.  The grandson and the grandpa spend most of the day in the water - and the grandma walks over there every now and then to check on the kid's swimmies.  Sometimes she gets in, but she never gets her perfect bun of hair which resides in exactly the center of the back of her head wet.  Ever. That's it.  Those are the regulars, plus me and the lifeguards.

Today there was a woman I've never seen before and I felt like she was looking at me a lot.  She was probably wondering what I was so furiously writing.   I didn't mean to be such an intense writer - like I said - I'm out of shape!

Maybe she thought I was a student. (As if) Or unemployed.  I don't know.  If I obsessed over what people at the pool thought of me, I'd probably never go!  Because I'm the girl who's probably just too fat to wear a bikini but doesn't care.  3rd front chair from the left, closest to the pool, from 1pm to 3pm.  And I couldn't be happier to be a regular!



Becky said...

This post almost makes me jealous of you working nights. To go to the pool every day?! Sounds glorious. Sniff...I have to settle for Saturdays and Sundays. I bet you are SO tan.

cindy floyd said...

Girl--You are so tan----Careful----don't want you to be the leathery lady the young writer writes about 20 years from now. Trust the 50 year old-----it happens far quicker than you can imagine. you look awesome.! wish i was 20 something again!

cindy floyd said...

Oh my gosh, where did you get those awesome sunglasses? They look like something from the OBX.