Monday, July 28, 2008

Shower the people you love with...

Baby stuff.  I'm re-writing the song.  Because THIS weekend, I was on the OTHER end of my favorite road (sigh/puke), Interstate 95... in New Jersey for Courtney's baby shower.  Courtney is my oldest friend - oldest as in she's been my friend longer than any other friend.  I'm actually older than her but we're not going to talk about that, it's three weeks, people.

I have never seen so much baby stuff in my life.  Edit.  I grew up surrounded by baby stuff, so that's not really true.  But she got A LOT of stuff.  She could open a baby store!  Wait - am I channeling my mother again? Make it stop.  Haha.

I'm delerious, that's why I'm rambling.  Pictures....

Courtney'sBabyShower 005

Welcome to the land of no turns.

Sorry, NJ peeps, I am not a fan.

It's nothing personal against the Garden state.

But for some reason, every time I go there, I have car issues.

Courtney'sBabyShower 001 Ready to par-tay.

This room had more placentas than I could handle...

Courtney'sBabyShower 008

Courtney got a sympathy card...

sorry for your loss...

of life as you know it!


Courtney'sBabyShower 009

One guess who was behind that brilliance.....

Baby G's auntie G, of course!

Courtney'sBabyShower 013

There were other gifts, too...

Tons of cute little outfits... and bath toys... and things to go in Baby G's little nautical themed room...

Baby equipment galore...

Courtney'sBabyShower 014

I loved all of the onesies (hilarious that I know how to spell that word... it's only because I grew up at Rock-A-Bye, making signs that said "Onesies 99 cents")

I don't think this one is a joke, though!


Courtney'sBabyShower 012

I think there was a secret sorority sister memo that went out about wearing black and pink...

Courtney'sBabyShower 017
Gretchen and Blair.

Beware... this is the last sane picture of Gretchen for a while.....

Courtney'sBabyShower 015

All because of this little creature that entered the baby shower...

I think it was the curly hair.

Or maybe his eyes...

Or maybe the fact that he was a Yankees fan?

Gretchen was in LOVE.

Courtney'sBabyShower 037

She started tearing his clothes off!

My side still hurts from laughing at this moment.

Courtney'sBabyShower 038

And this one, hahahahahaha!!

Pins in the baby bib.

This makes me remember my own experience as a 2 month old... wearing a dress as I sat on Santa's lap.. a dress that was apparently full of pins.

Courtney'sBabyShower 019

Picture time!

Look at little Emma!

Isn't she the cutest thing in the WORLD??

She's super smart and sweet, too.

Courtney'sBabyShower 018

I love this child.  She is the total package.




Has a great laugh.

Love her.  Eileen - you have an excellent daughter!

Courtney'sBabyShower 020

Belly pics of the pregnant chicks.

"Why my baby bump can't take a picture with your baby bump?"


It really is crazy how many of my friends are pregnant right now, or just had babies...


Courtney'sBabyShower 024

But the baby that's in this bump here is PRETTY SPECIAL.

I'm not sure exactly how I will refer to little Roland Albert Gehweiler IV yet...

Maybe I'll just stick with "Ricky Bobby"...

But, we'll figure that out when the time comes.

I can't wait to meet him and see Court as a MOM!!

Courtney'sBabyShower 026

Awww... it's all the girls and Nana!

Courtney'sBabyShower 029
The Daddys-to-be came back from "fishing."

I use the quotations because I don't think they caught anything...

Courtney'sBabyShower 033

We thought it would be a great time to teach Emma the classic hand-on-hip move...

She gets an A+.

Courtney'sBabyShower 046

Then it was back to Nana's - where unfortunately my camera battery quit on me.

But not before I was able to photograph the 3 Generations of Champions!!


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Courtney said...

I had such a great day and I'm SO glad you were able to celebrate with me!! :)