Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AMAZING Weekend!

**Update: COMMENTS POSTED.  Sorry it took me so long - life is CRAZY right now.  But, that's not the point of this post.  The point of this post is to accurately convey to you how AMAZING last weekend was!  There really aren't adjectives.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Awesome.  All nice adjectives and all... yet, they come up short.  There's just something about being with the man I love... at the oceanfront... and seeing Kenny Chesney... that's just amazing, incredible, awesome, all of the above.  Here are some snapshots of the amazingness. It was hands down, the best 4-5 days I've had in a while.Summer08 003

This is right after dinner... the first night together in a long time... just enjoying some "us" time outside.

Summer08 004

Check out the BEAUTIFUL bracelet Michael surprised me with!

I so thought there were truffles in the box - but this is much better! :)

Summer08 008

We got to spend some quality time with Brody, Michael's 2 year old nephew.

He's got some serious moves!

Summer08 011

Such a cute age - he'll do anything you tell him!

(side note: why can't boys stay like this forever?)

Summer08 012


So cute, right?

He loves his Uncle Mike.

Summer08 017

All country-fied for KENNY!

Third year in a row for me, and it just gets better every year!



Kenny Chesney is an AWESOME entertainer.

Even if you're not a fan, go.  I promise, you'll enjoy it!


He has a super cool hat, no?

Summer08 033

Our hats are pretty sweet, too.

I love that Michael sported the hat.  What a champ.

I think it's really cute on him, too!

Summer08 042

I secretly took this picture when he was taking in the morning sun...

I so wish we were back there right now.

Summer08 043

On the way to lunch with my family...

Gotta love sunny Virginia Beach!


The generation trifecta.  I am looking more like my mother every day - guess that's okay :)

(standby for my mom's comments on this one!)


Summer08 047

Granny wore that hat and didn't even get free birthday dessert, what is up with that?

Doesn't Michael fit right in?

It was a good match.  Exhale.

Summer08 051

You know I can't pass a big pink flower and not step all up in the flower bed to take a picture!!


Summer08 053

I could write a whole separate blog about these people.

We met Christy & Steven on the bus to the concert and TOTALLY hit it off with them!

This is the next day, after we had Pizza and Dairy Queen with them!

Hope to see them again, for sure.
Summer08 058

Oceanfront makeout session, check.

Gladly checking that one off my to do list!

:) Wish I was back there... again.

Summer08 060

He makes me smile.

Would you LOOK at those eyes?

Seriously, how can you not just stare at them?

And his smile... don't even get me started!

Summer08 063

After 2 days at the beach, it was back to Durham, NC for Brody's 2nd birthday!

He had a big backyard party and a great time!

Summer08 070

Crystal had 3 different kinds of cake!

I'm pretty sure that qualifies her for mother of the year.


Summer08 075

Sunday, Michael's brother, Jarred (he's a youth pastor) interviewed Michael in his middle school group.

It's so neat - seeing God use Michael's story, his life experience, to impact young people.

It never gets old to me.

Summer08 079

My man is AMAZING.

I am so proud and honored to be his girl.

What a weekend!

Summer08 078

The only things I missed: my bed and Brokaw!

Brokaw was not feeling the flash.

It's hard with the paparazzi following you around all the time, you understand...




cindy floyd said...

Sometimes, words are not necessary!

Becky said...

Let me just say...I'm SO happy for you too. :)
Love you Dana B!

cindy floyd said...

I never saw Brokaw close his eyes before!

Rebecca Atcherson said...

You guys are cute. Mike looks very happy and you are right..his story never does get old. I love that he is still sharing that with his brother.

Gretchen said...

HAHAHAH....OMG you have a 3 generations of champions pict too! HAHAHAHAHAH.....Brokaw looks like an asian snob in that pict..HHHAAHAHHAHAHA....That was nice that Michael went to talk to the kids and I hope he let them know that bad cowboy hats were not a side effect of his handicap.....Ok I am going to hell, so I will just make people laugh before I go.