Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am behind in blogging... but I have to share with you my experience last Friday afternoon.  Gretchen was in town for an interview so we got together for lunch.  We went to Chevy's - you know, Mexican.  This girl makes me laugh so hard, I can't even tell you.  Serious ab workout.  Can't wait 'till she moves here (THIS WEEKEND) so that I can get my tummy back in shape!  Anyway - back to Chevy's.  So, we're sitting there, conversing, and we hear "stomp, stomp, stomp."  This worker guy was clearly trying to kill some sort of creature under the table across from us.  Then we see it.  A cockroach.  And Gretchen is quick enough to blurt out, "How Authentic!"  I just about lost it in my Diet Coke. 

Do you think we got up and left?  Please.  It's going to take more than that to keep us from Fajitas.
So, after we ate we went to Macy's to go flip-flop shopping and we see this sign that says "Jellies."  We pause.  Gretchen just looks at me.  That's all she had to do.  The rest of the actions fell into place.  She picked up the sign to hold in between her thighs (my thighs are way jellier than hers but whatev).  I reach for my camera and we pull off the inevitable before a sales guy busts us.  



These girls thought it was funny, too.
They're laughing on the inside.

Trust me.

At least I hope.  I hope their bad flat iron experiences didn't ruin their days to the point they were beyond laughing at silly stuff like holding up a sign that says "Jellies."

I mean, really.  C'mon.  That's funny.


Then we went to Smoothie King where a similar situation went down.

Words don't even have to be spoken.  We see said object and realize, it's just a matter of moments before we are photographed with said object by a stranger.

Look at Gretchen's face here, HAHAHA.  It looks real.  


Rebecca A. said...

i love chevys! it is like my most favorite place to eat ever. no one gets it, but there is not one here. so if you ever moved south...no chevys. i lived in 2 places with them and now i live where there is no chevys. maybe you can send it to me? ha!;-)

Gretchen said...

HAHAHAAHAHA....one of the best ever.....those mannequins are giving us serious attitude!!!!!