Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today I have nothing profound or inspirational for you, just me.

My favorite thing I clicked on today was this. I LOVE Morning Joe and I'm glad to see MJ getting some love. And here, more love!

It's a free moving, fun, smart show to watch and I love the music and the fact that Joe doesn't bust out a tie until like 9am! Considering I'm the girl who takes my shoes off about half a second after I walk in the door at work and don't put them back on until the "day people" start arriving - he's my kind of guy.

Friends, I need your help. Saturday, I have to "run" in a race. I say "run" because the word, to me, means that I am moving. It may mean something terribly different to you, like picking up your knees, going at a faster pace than walking. For me, that is not necessarily the case. That said, Saturday, I am "running" an 8K with some friends down in Virginia Beach. I need advice. Help me build by playlist! Seriously, leave me comments with suggestions!! And any other advice you have for someone who is about to, in 4 days, "run" 5 miles. Keep in mind this said person has not ever "run" more than a little more than 3 miles.

My goal is to finish not needing medical attention.

I have a better way of explaining the construction noise I am constantly hearing at home than the analogy I gave last week that was gross. It's like there's a giant BlackBerry on the roof that is constantly getting e-mails. Maybe it's MY BlackBerry!!??

Good thing I have someone cute to snuggle with as I sleep in the bright loudness:


**Please don't forget to pray for Christin and Dave - dark and early tomorrow morning, it's the big surgery day. Pray they will get all the cancer out and also for the best possible scenario afterward - for Dave's quality of life. And peace and grace and strength for dear Christin, wife of the year.


Brent said...

You are going to have a blast this weekend! At last check, the weather is going to be great (you may want to pray against strong winds!).
So, you have only "run" 3 miles, but you are going to attempt an 8k...4.97 miles. Humm, okay. No problem. Your strategy should be to hang back for the first 4.5 and then blow by the Kenyans in the last half mile. Trust me, I'm a track coach.
I would be down there cheering you on Saturday, but it looks like Blake is about to make an appearence any time now. Pray for us!

christin said...

thank you dana - you are awesome.

Patrick said...

I like "Shattered" by the Rolling Stones, "Sweet Emotion" from Aerosmith, I don't run unless being chased, but if I were to run I'd run to these tunes.. Also try anything Queen!

Rebecca A. said...

Anything by U2-not the slower stuff. I like to run to Jeremy Camp, Maroon 5, BArlow Girl can be fun too b/c they are young and punky.
Those are my suggestions. I may think of more. Oh and you are are crazy for running an 8k when you have only been running 3 miles, but I hope and pray you do well!! You go girl!! You can DOOOO it!
Oh and I just caught up on your blogs...way cool stories.

Courtney said...

Hey girl! Good for you!! And, good luck! ;)
Personally I'd opt for something with a great beat, some bass to it, and maybe slightly bitter for a "run" like that (I'd be in the same position as you, btw, if I attempted something like that!!). :) I'd go for some Avril Lavigne, maybe a little Evanescence. Of course there are always the good fallbacks like Shania Twain's "Up!" and "I Ain't No Quitter". :) I'd add in Little Texas "Kick a Little" and Martina McBride's "Independence Day" to round things out. :)
You do realize you will have to let us know now what songs you have in your playlist so we can enjoy they with you, right? ;)

Courtney said...

Hopefully we'll be down at the Oceanfront to support since I cannot participate but definitely download Kanye's Stronger. I love that song while I'm at the gym! See you in two days!!