Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello, world.  I am feeling much better today.  I guess it's just something about Tuesday, it's daunting.  Whew, glad that's over.

After work yesterday, I "wogged" (to steal a word from Jordan) in the city!  I thought I was rocking it out, until I clocked it with my car and realized it was only about 2 miles.  Ha!  Oh well, the important thing is, I'm keeping it up.  I bet all the tourists were wondering - what's up with that girl in the green hoodie going slow motion up the Mall? Haha....

I am having a good day today!  I got a lovely postcard in the mail.  It's my first good hair day in at least two weeks and I came up with a surprisingly good outfit combo I had never thought of before (I'm wearing those safety pin black pants, but whatever).  Joe Scarborough is back today... And I'm planning to go to Target after work, which is always a delight. See? Good day.

Oh, I would hereby like to give Ann a shout out because she now offically knows who Dana Perino is, and that is impressive.  :)

And, let me add this -  I read in today's Post that Meghan McCain (John McCain's daughter) has a blog, check it out!  I think it's darling.

Standby for those Egg Roll pictures.....

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Courtney Pickford said...

I love reading your blog! Keep it up girl. Very fun to hear all the neat stuff you are doing and stay a little connected across the miles. :) You are too cute.