Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Roll

Okay, so I am realizing I'm kind of doing titles again.  Hmm.  I guess this is my blog so I get to make the rules and I say it doesn't matter that I'm not consistent. Get it? Got it? Good.

I totally forgot to mention a highlight of the Easter Egg Roll - I met Julie Mason, of the Houston Chronicle and more importantly, author of one of my favorite blogs, The Beltway Confidential.  Julie was live on MSNBC today!  Go Julie!

Still... when I see the words Easter "Egg Roll" I think of Chinese food.  Given the current foreign affairs situation, I realize that's not really cool, but I think it's funny.
Be that as it may... here are my pictures from the White House Easter Egg Roll...

Danas_pics_065 The South Lawn is pretty much the coolest back yard (or is it the front?) I've ever been in/on in my life (sorry Tracy)


Eric was such a sport putting up with my dorky antics as I people watched before the POTUS got started, and after...Danas_pics_077

This is Greta Van Susteren.  She had like 4 handlers who were coming in just as we were and let me just say her make up lady... yeah... she had enough supplies to reach the limit on a domestic flight.  One rolling suitcase and a personal item.

Wonder if all that was in line with the 3-1-1 rule?


I've always heard about these but this is the first time I saw one.




hahahahahahaha... like 3 people I know will get that, but whatever!


Look it's W!!  W is for whistleblower in this case.Danas_pics_074

Danas_pics_078 Secret Service bunny!

I thought this was hilarious, so I had to sneak a pic.  Eric saw me and gave me that "you're such a dork" look.

He's so right.

Thankfully, for this blog's sake, I have no shame.


Look Daddy!  Charlie Brown - at the White House!


Here is my boss, Wendy, with her husband, Tom, and little Jake - who is suddenly not so little anymore.


Mama Barbara Bush.  As I was leaving, we were being "held" by the rope line.

I was wondering who was going to walk by.

It was her.  She was shorter than I had imagined and actually seemed quite nice!


First it was Charlie Brown at the White House.  Here you have Dana Brown at the White House.

I told you... Shameless.


BRB said...

I totally got it...
President of the United States
Mother of the President of the United States
First Lady of the United States
Daughter of the President of the United States

kelly said...

loved the look into the easter egg roll (man, i want chinese now!). what fun!!

Rebecca A. said...

you have so many fun adventures up there!! the potus, mopotus, flopotus and dopotus cracks me up. love it! and i am still loving the purse strap. hehe! i have been getting compliments on it lately. funny and silly me had to get a hobo clutch/wallet in wasabi aka green. now i have more room and feel efficient with it. again sorry for the essay. :-)
happy spring to you!

cindy floyd said...

You totally crack me up! Yes, this is your mother.