ShamROCK Weekend Pics…


Virginia Beach sunrise.


Back of the bib.  I guess this is how they identify your body.  Thankfully, no race officials were contacting my mother :)


Paris Hilton style house arrest chips.

Disclaimer: This joke is not original.


We are the champions!!Img_0426

Show us the pancakes.



Ro, in rare form.  Oh my goodness, I love laughing that hard.

This man has two speeds: On and Off.

And boy, was he ON at the par-tay!


Pound Puppy pinata.

This was quite violent.  Almost as bad as an Al-Qaida video.

Told you.

Happy 30th Jason!


Did you know that tall women freak me out?  They always have.

But I found one I liked.

They call her "BRB."

And I can see why!

Eileen is funny and she has an adorable daughter and I think she’s going to be the next of Courtney’s college friends that I warm up to.


  1. Gretchen says:

    Ok I am the fattest person ever and or someone could have told me to adjust to it didn’t look like I was the fattest person ever. Ew.

  2. Courtney says:

    Maybe next year I’ll attempt the race. I’ll need motivation to lose the baby fat :) (although at this point baby will be 6 months old!!!) It was great seeing you this weekend!

  3. i am glad you made and it looks like you had fun. you need to post your songs you listened to! i wanna know what you decided on…hope i don’t sound bossy or anything like that!

  4. “Tall women freak you out?”
    Don’t forget Em’s version of Easter:
    “After Jesus performed his miracles, all of his followers shook their palms and screamed, ‘GO JESUS WE LOVE YOU!’”

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