Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The New Wheelchair

Hot Wheels

For months, we have been waiting on Michael's new wheelchair. You may remember this conversation from April. He didn't even end up on getting that exact chair, I can't even remember why, there were so many changes and challenges and insurance hoops and what not.

Well... it is finally here!
The wheelchair was supposed to be delivered Monday, but I got back from California Thursday, so Friday, we drove up to Maryland and picked up the new chair, ourselves.

Just call me the wheelchair delivery service.
Yes, that's the new wheelchair, the old wheelchair, and an extra set of wheels and what not in the back of my Ford Escape. And, a lot of dirt. Precious cargo!! Note: We had to order the new bathroom chair, so that should come in soon, and that nightmare will *hopefully* be over soon!

I don't know all the lingo on the new chair, but I can tell you it's a TiLite. Maybe like "ultra" or something? I don't know... but I'm glad that my husband is no longer cruising around with the word "quickie" on his back. :)

And, it has e.motion wheels. Basically, it works kind of like his old wheelchair, but now, each wheel has it's own motor. And the batteries last forever!! And the tires are way quieter and better.

And my favorite thing of all -- his posture is WAAAAY better and he doesn't look like the letter S.

I can tell you that the first things we did were: 1. Remove the armrests. 2. Remove the seat belt. 3. Michael had a friend remove the gripper things on the handle bars in the back. And... I'm really not all that into the reflectors (why can't they be white, or something lower profile?)

I really don't mean to be so anti-safety, I swear!

I was kind of nervous that it would take him a while to get used to the new chair. But, he was cruising all over DC the day after he got it. You know, chasing down big headed Presidents outside of baseball games...
And actually catching up with them!!
Of course, there is some getting used to - like the two motors instead of one in the middle, having to turn the wheels on and off one at a time, and sitting up straighter and balancing. But, Michael is doing great.

And - I sure do think HE LOOKS GREAT in it!!


Diane Moody said...

Hot wheels indeed! Michael, are you loving your new ride?

Tamara said...

he DOES look good in it! and i LOLd at the "quickie" comment. :)

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

Yay! Glad the wait is over!

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