Friday, September 2, 2011

I am MRS. Ritter

So much goes through my mind this week before our anniversary.
Tuesday marks 2 years since we said "I will."
We said "I will," instead of "I do," I joke Michael about that.

I love going back and remembering the details.
My last day at work at my old job, the lemon cake Joe made me and the Snuggie Nikole and Lavina gave me. Lavina's little tears. Cupcakes from across the country popping up on Facebook, in my celebration! :)

Packing my SUV full of blue and brown homemade wedding decorations I spent months preparing. Favors. Vases. Starfish boutonnieres. Programs.

Hanging out with my mom and her friends.

Making boquets and staying up late with my mom hot gluing a million tiny sand dollars to little clothes pins.

All of the anticipation in driving to Manteo to get our marriage license.
The only moments I saw Michael before the wedding - when we drove up and down the OBX dropping off the welcome bags for our guests.

I love going back to this week in my mind.
Everything about it was so perfect.
It was so filled with love, and with people who love us and who believe in us, and just having everyone there at one time, literally surrounding us as we said our vows, it still makes me want to cry.

Two years later.
So glad to join the club of the Mrs. Ritters.
I'm in good company with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

Even though, to me, when I see that that's my name, it still catches me off guard. I guess because I was "Downtown Dana Brown" for a long time!

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