Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Combover One Word or Two?

Because... I have one. Yeah... every now and then I get this sudden urge to just "put myself out there" on this blog. It has a healing effect for me, and I can tell by the traffic of this blog that you readers like the more vulnerable posts the most of anything I write... so here's one for you! Now, you better comment and tell me how beautiful I am so I'm not mortified and I don't go out and buy every hat in Northern Virginia. Because I can't even afford that.
It's kind of weird for me to post about this, right? I mean the whole idea of a comb over is to hide the bald spot, right? And here I am talking about it. Don't you even think about looking for it the next time you see me! If I notice you doing that, I will call you out! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here it is, by the way. Because I know you're all dying to see it.
Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! I can't believe I'm doing this. But there it is. My bald spot. I hate it. I can't believe this is happening. I have been to two different doctors about this because hello! I am a 30 something year old YOUNG woman who is otherwise healthy, who eats healthy, is active, and just, well, shouldn't be losing my hair.

**Note** I realize that this *in perspective* to someone else who is losing their hair because of cancer treatment or something is a non-story. I understand that. But you know how I feel about comparing yourself to someone who "has it worse off than you." I do not condone that kind of "perspective." You learn that when you feel people looking at you and you can see in their eyes that they're thinking "I can't even imagine...." Yuck. No thank you! Please don't do that! I refuse to do it, too, I will stand on my own principle.

The jury is still out... it looks like I either have Alopecia (google it) or I have a hormone imbalance (google Cortisol) caused by chronically elevated stress levels. I actually have always prided myself on my ability to perform amazingly well under pressure, even constant pressure. But if my hair is going to be all falling out and what not... I will do yoga or whatever I need to do to calm down.

I appreciate your prayers. And compliments on my comb over. And, if any of you have ever experienced this, please share your story with me. I'd appreciate that even more. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

hahahhaa... Girl you ARE beautiful!! Maybe I should post my horrid hair problem pics and make myself feel better too!! :)

Tobi said...

I collected my hair in a sandwich baggie a few years ago just to show the doctor how much I was aware I was losing in a day. One day's worth of loss filled the entire baggie. It was hormone imbalance due to stress for oh-so-many reasons, even though I functioned quite well under the pressure. It took a year to regulate and start growing back. One year of my hair cut to the jaw line and a head that looked like a dandelion with the new hair growth. I'm sorry. It stinks. We can keep moving forward and managing under the stress, but ultimately these bodies let it leak out somewhere. : ) I suggest the Hershey Kiss Savor as one method to reduce stress. Each night savor one kiss with Mike and talk about what grace you experienced in the day, big or small. Yea, that'll be fun. But also try to find at least 15 in your day to be completely still before God and let him give perspective on your life. Just the fact that your breathing in and out right now is a miracle. Here's to your hair coming back. And I'm happy for you that it approaching winter, the time a cute and warm hats!

Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

My hair has been falling out something terrible these last six as bad as it did post-partum. It seems to have calmed down now, but my hair hasn't really recuperated yet. Mine is more of an all-over loss, so it's just thin on my whole head.

Anyways, I know what you mean...losing hair isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it's kind of sad when you're in your early 30s!

Anonymous said...

There is a rogaine for women now! Get on it! but your combover hides it nicely, so don't worry too much about this.... :-) BTW, I have bad news for you if/when you have kids, you will lose more due to the hormone changes of pregnancy. That's where I am right now...losing tons and tons per day.

Anonymous said...

Rogaine Dana, seriously. Sheri is right...get on it. You can buy a generic 3-pack from Costco for like 30 bucks. In the meantime, continue to try to pinpoint the source. There is a vitamin out there too that's supposed to help with cortisol levels too. Good luck. Love, Tara

Kristen Maddux said...

1) Bangs hide this very nicely. :) Love the bang trend!
2) I'm sure you're tired of innuendo's about having babies, ;)BUT pregnancy really does create lush thick hair *that sometimes falls out again after the baby's born*, but still :)
3) I appreciate you mentioning the perspecive thing again cause here's the deal: When I first started following your blog, I did so anonymously because I thought "seriously. Who am I to complain about chronic back pain when Mike's in a wheelchair? I'd be so embarressed if he or Dana ever stumbled across my blog (my place to work thru/whine about my back issues) because I've got nothin to complain about in comparision.
Then you posted about perspective and I decided you are totally right. That kind of "perspective" doesn't help much, so I'm not going to do it anymore thanks for that. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am only in my 30s too and experiencing thin hair. My ponytail is half the volume it was a couple years ago. I see this was posted in 2010, has your bald spot gone away by now? And if so, what did you do? I'm not sure if you will get this message but I'll come back to this page to see if you did...just looking for some hope that maybe one day my hair will return!

Dana Brown Ritter said...

My hair did mostly grow back. But it is still kind of strange in that one spot, so I still comb it over. I found out my hair loss was actually from a hormone imbalance due to high stress levels. I am managing my stress much better these days, thankfully! I did see a dermatologist about it and I recommend you do too. I had a topical gel to put on it, Clobetasol. Best wishes to you! It is a traumatic thing to go through!