Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Have Two Microwaves

Because we're cool like that. And because we both need to be able to get to them!

I'm going to expand on this, because originally I just posted the pics and that was it. But a Facebook conversation made me realize how much I really LIKE that we have two microwaves.

Originally, we bought the second microwave so Michael could get to it. He loves some hot tea! Plus, he needs to be able to heat up his lunch or whatever. He rocks some popcorn and ramen noodles in this sucker! He's also made DINNER in there. Who knew you can microwave pork chops!!

But, it wasn't long after we had the second microwave that I realized it has great benefits!! We often have dueling microwaves going, heating up two bowls of oatmeal at a time, or two plates of leftovers at a time. It saves a lot of time, and allows two people to have two hot meals ready to eat at the same time.

I'd go as far as recommending this for ANYONE. Even if you can all reach the microwave. It's a cool timesaver and microwaves are not expensive at all anymore. So yeah, get that second microwave!

I just thought about something... I sure do hope dueling microwaves doesn't turn my little apartment galley kitchen into some sort of radiation chamber... oh well, I'll worry about that later.


Tracy said...

OK were these pictures taken at the same time as the FB pictures or do the stove grates live in the dishwasher?? just asking :))

Dana Brown Ritter said...

T, they were taken at the same time! They only live in the dishwasher when I've just cleaned the kitchen! Ha. Busted.