Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joys of This Week

Well... after my little spiel last week about how hard Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays can be for me... I have to tell you what a wonderful week I've had this week! Thank you for your prayers, I think they are really working! Monday, I worked from home, so I didn't have to leave him, I took care of his stuff myself. Tuesday night, we went to our friends Mike & Courtney's for dinner and had a great time. So, Wednesday morning, I laid in the bed until the very last possible second, then quickly showered and went to work. I didn't have time to be sad about leaving him. And tomorrow is Friday (and Payday) so I think I'll be good.

Some other highlights from my week...
I actually made it to the gym!!! I didn't do anything spectacular, but the point is I made it THERE. This is a big victory for me because for WEEKS I've been waking up and making excuses for not going, so I'm proud of myself for pushing through it and going. I know I need to exercise, and I do like it, once I get there. It's the getting up a half-hour earlier and walking through the cold rain to get there that's so hard. We have a gym right there at our apartment complex (and I have one at the office too so I have NO excuse!).
I drove to work one day this week because Michael was going to be meeting me in the city for an appointment. The traffic wasn't awful and I actually enjoyed a couple of the amenities of driving yourself rather than riding the metro to work. Namely bun warmers and listening to the radio. Yay for that. And you can't beat being able to snap a picture like this out your window on your commute. I mean, really.
Once again, my job allowed me to be right there, on the front row of history as it unfolded. I covered the Medal of Honor ceremony for Staff Sgt. Salvatore Guinta at the White House.
These ceremonies are always powerful. And I've never been there for one where the person who is getting the award is there. It's a much happier occasion. Staff Sgt. Giunta is the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War.
I can't help but be so incredibly thankful for the service and bravery of men like him and all of the men and women in all branches of our military.
Yesterday, I got to share a cab with my old co-worker and still current friend, Joe! Joe has a new job covering the White House, so I'll get to see him all the time! This day, I also saw another former co-worker at the White House too. I worked with her and with Joe at different times and I find it very neat that all of us ended up at the White House. Pretty cool.

Now, for a serious HIGHLIGHT of my week....
My friends, Starbucks is stocking Christmas Blend now!!! This is my ultimate favorite coffee at STBX. Today, they were brewing it. First day for that. Go get yours. I am grateful my 2lb bag of beans is currently at home in my coffee cabinet.


Tracy said...

I love that you have a coffee cabinet!! A whole cabinet dedicated to coffee,not tea, coffee!

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Michael has a tea drawer. I only go in there for the Splenda :)

~Mariesa said...

I'm so happy to hear you had a better week! Now you are forcing me to think of 5 ways my life sucked last week but is better this time around...
1 - I lost 4 pounds
2 - Gary and I have date night tonight. We have bi-monthly tickets to see an independent film series, complete with Q&A with the writer/producers.
3 - This morning I received an unexpected package from a dear friend - assorted gourmet brownies in all nut-free varieties - just to say how much she appreciates me.
4 - There are a dozen long-stemmed roses on our kitchen table - a "welcome home from traveling" gift from my too-sweet husband.
5 - Today I got paid to see Santa, and to shop for a tailgate party - with someone else's money. Sometimes my job is pretty cool.
Thanks for inspiring me to pull those out. I doubted I could come up with 5 - but I could probably keep going...
PS - Were you referring to Patty? Gary went to see her at the White House a few years ago when he was in town. That's so cool that you just "go to the White House." I picture you skipping there...

Dana Brown Ritter said...

4 lbs, Mariesa, that's awesome! Yay for your other stuff, too! And yep, it was Patty, back from maternity leave!

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