Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I love Thursdays

Today is not Thursday. It's Tuesday. Which is usually pretty ugghhhh. But this week, Tuesday is fine because we had a 3 day weekend! I want to put up all the pictures that I've taken since I last updated this blog. And this first post is about why I love Thursdays. So, work with me, will you?

On Thursdays, there's a street outside the McPherson Square Metro that is shut down to traffic.
The street turns into a Farmer's Market for a few hours each Thursday evening! It is pure goodness. Locally grown produce. Homemade baked goods. Free samples. Local, organic meats and eggs!
I LOVE this. I love the idea of eating healthy, locally grown, organic food. Unfortunately, it's generally more expensive to eat this way, so we aren't doing it at the level that I dream of... but someday... someday we will totally live this lifestyle.

For now, I do buy the majority of our food at the grocery store. I do buy local or regional when I can. And I'll buy the organic stuff when it's on sale. For now, I do what I can, though.
Like buying peaches from this Farmer's Market. YUM.
These pictures are from my trip to the market 2 weeks ago. I didn't go this past Thursday. I don't remember why. And, I'm not sure if I will be back this week, because I bought a TON of fresh produce from Aldi just the other day. I may just have to get a few peaches, though. Mmm.
Here's my loot from my last market run: Red peppers, Romaine Lettuce (this is alive and could have been planted but, please! I'm not ready for that yet!), Peaches, a Cucumber, some INCREDIBLE Strawberry Preserves (GONE now, by the way!) and one Lemon Bar. Note: There may or may not have been two lemon bars purchased! :)

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