Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caribou Coffee: Fail

Recently, I thought I'd switch it up and instead of getting my classic "Grande Bold" at Starbucks, I'd hit Caribou Coffee instead.

I've brewed Caribou coffee at home before, and loved it. I've been to Caribou for Mochas and Lattes and had good experience. Plus, it's more on my way to work than Starbucks.
Plus, I had a gift card... so, I went.
Right off, I knew something was off. My coffee didn't smell right. Eh, but I liked the packaging and I liked the idea of trying something new, so I drank...
But this is all I could drink. It was GROSS. I threw the coffee out, people. You know it's bad when I'm throwing coffee out. I have more left on my gift card though, and friends tell me they are big fans of Caribou, so I'll try again... someday. For now, even looking at the pictures still makes my stomach do loopdy-loops. Ick.

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