Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What is this stuff?

So, my attempts to make it to spring in complete denial that it's winter or cold at all are failing.  It was SNOWING on my way home from work!  And it's still coming down out there!  Brokaw is not a fan.  He's not big on any precipitation, really.

You know what, though? Snow really is beautiful!  So much more so when I don't have to work late organizing team coverage of reporters going "live" in front of giant piles of salt and compiling hundreds of school closings/delays.

So, I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup.  Cheers!


On my way home from work today...


And, I made it.  This is the view from my apartment window.

I feel like such a professional snow driver.  Pittsburgh taught me well, baby!

Okay, so it was only like an inch, still, I've come a long way!


Cindy Floyd said...

this be the elf, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. All of my blog help has gone to bed, and this is my only time alone. I love it. It's really cool how you update this thing all the time. It's like LIVE AT 5 ALL THE TIME. Call me tomorrow. The ELF still likes to talk on the phone. LOVE.ELF MAMA---how did I get so many names?

christin said...

um....this is NOTHING. you should see Illinois right now!!!!!! oh you D.C. peeps - although you must know, from your Pitt days, how bad it can be. I thought we might die yesterday driving to radiation...terrifying.
great pics though. I LOVE WINTER.