Thursday, December 13, 2007

Okay... it's Thursday. You know what that means - workout day! I have been pretty faithful to the T-T-S plan. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Today, I totally slacked - but I went.  So, I get points!  I have been very lazy this week.  I overslept like 3 out of four days.  I STILL haven't done my massive pile of laundry, that I'm pretty sure at any point will just start opening the closet door from the inside on its own...

This morning, Jessi had these chocolate covered oreos and she shared. I had two. Oh. My. God. They are ridiculous.  Soooo good it almost makes me want to cry. Like Sarah McLachlan's voice or video of a cute little puppy. That good. Good enough to make me remember those stupid Yoplait commercials from a few years ago where the girls were like "30 minute massage good" and other ridiculous lines that compared yogurt to things like massages. Puh-lease! Well, chocolate covered oreos - that's a different story.

Yesterday I took Brokaw to the dog park and met a woman who I seriously think smoked about 8 cigarettes in half an hour and talked like she just got off the ferry from Long Island! It was so much fun. Now, I can see my breath outside and I'm wearing socks.  What a difference a day makes.

I made a ham yesterday... it is very good and I have been sharing it with my co-workers but I think I'll still be eating it well into the new year... I didn't realize it was so BIG.

One more thing.. see this is why blogging without pictures is so crazy for me - I can't stay on task.

"Goose" drew my attention to this series that Katie Couric is doing on the CBS Evening News.  She asks the presidential candidates all the same questions and shows their answers.  It's called Primary Questions.  It's such a simple idea, but the interviews are very well shot and the segments are very well produced and I think everyone should check it out.

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