Monday, December 3, 2007

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh.  And other than feeling terribly sick the whole weekend, I had a blast.  Isn't it weird how much you don't realize you miss something, a place, people, etc. until you re-visit them?  Seeing old friends and hanging out in the 'burgh over the weekend kind of made me, gasp, homesick!?  It was bittersweet.  At least there is the hope that Gretchen and Jason will be moving closer next year.  That will make it better.

Friday night, we met the Channel 4 Action News morning crew out at Jerome Bettis' restaurant for a little celebration.  I had been awake for more than 24 hours, that's why I look kind of glazed over.  I only had a total of 2 drinks, people!

Img_4575 If I had a million dollars, I would get something like this for Gretchen for her birthday.

In retrospect, I should have just chanced it and ripped this off the wall - so I would have SOMETHING to give her at all!


The B's are practically part of the Channel 4 family.


Here is my sweet Melanie.  I miss this girl SO MUCH.  Thank God for almost daily e-mails.

She's one of the sweetest people on the planet and I'm thankful for her friendship.


We were just a little excited to see each other, can you tell?

Oh, you should definitely check out Mel's blog.

Her daughter, Quinn, is such a cutie!


They had reason to celebrate --after a BIG win in November sweeps!

This is a team of all-stars, people!


Andrew and Kelly make such a great team.

I really miss working with them - they made the horrible schedule possible because they were just so much fun and so easy to work with.

At least I can still hear them every morning in IFB...


And Demetrius, too!  God bless Demetrius for always thinking I'm such a "good girl."

HA HA HA HA.  I so am, who am I kidding, right?

D has such a nice smile, no?


And, alas! I got to meet Mrs. Duck.  Franklin's wife is so beautiful! It was a pleasure to meet her and a wonderful surprise that Franklin was there.

Geez. I really miss these people SO MUCH.




Andrew commands the room and leads a toast to the morning show team.

He's so good at rallying the troops!  A great guy - such an encouragement to the whole team.

I vote for Andrew for team captain.


We're gonna knock the "whoopsie" out of you!


Marc and Mel.


This is Jennifer Sloan, the new AM Executive Producer at WTAE.

Jennifer - this is only the beginning - I wish you all the best - have fun with the crew and kick butt covering the news in Pittsburgh!

And about those shoes you're filling - they're not big - only a size 6.  :) Keep in touch!


Gretchen paying one last tribute of the night to the BUS.

I wish he would have showed up in there - now THAT would have been something!

Shout out to Gretchen and Jason for being troopers as I took forever to talk to all of the Channel 4 peeps.

But like I said, you're practically family! :)

Edit: It has come to my attention that I left someone out.  Steve wasn't at the par-tay so I didn't include him in my Channel 4 Action News lovefest post.  But he's a talented EP and he throws awesome parties so here's a shout out to him and a giant picture of his head. Love ya, Steve!Img_0371772374

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Andrew Stockey said...

Dana -- Great blog and we had so much fun hanging with you on Friday night. Sorry you could not stick around later. We all went to Calico Jack's where we got to know the mechanical bull up close and personal. ( I let you imagine the rest ). Once again, thanks for the kind words on the blog and thanks for coming home - we love you and miss you!