Friday, January 6, 2012

Mission: Organization

It was so nice to come home yesterday to a clean, organized house. It didn't hurt that my husband had put all of his stuff away and cleaned up and that he was heating up dinner when I got home. :)  I don't mind that one bit.

I am only home for like 30 hours before going to New Hampshire.

Before I left for Iowa, I spent many hours organizing our whole apartment.  It was a lot of work. It was a lot of fun. (I happen to love that kind of stuff!)  And, now, being home for just a little bit, it brings me so much peace and happy order knowing that everything has a place, and there's a place for everything.

I invested about $25.00 in a label maker.  This proves that my organizing is on a whole new level.  It's a progressive disease, what can I say.

I really had fun going around and labeling everything, and no, Michael does not have a "husband" label across his forehead.

Here's some of my work:
The medical supplies in Michael's closet.  I hope this is helpful to the home health aides that come to help him when I am not here.  I hope it helps them, ahem, put stuff back where it goes. Ahem.
Under my bathroom sink. This is an example of things I probably didn't need to label, because nobody ever really goes under there looking for hair clips other than me, but labeling is addicting. What can I say?

 Yep, I'm the girl who does that. You who don't, envy me. It's smart. It's practical. And everyone knows you use them, so get over it.

This is Michael's tea drawer.  It's where we keep lots of different kinds of hot teas (that's his thing), splenda, straws, the straps he uses for eating utensils, and plastic plates, at his level.  I'm all about creating opportunities for independence.  a.k.a. opportunities for me to sit down and watch TV while he makes himself a cup of tea. ;)

Pantry before.

And after. This was before I busted out the label maker.


Kristen Maddux said...

Awesome job!
And very practical. :)
Funny story-when I was about 13, our family had a plumber come check out our sink. For some reason, I was super embarressed he might see all the "feminine items" in the cabinet underneath. So I took all the boxes (my family has four girls) and hid them in my closet. And forgot about them. My mom later was like..."WHERE did all those go?!" Oops.

Sara said...

I use a pencil box (the plastic kind from the Dollar Store) for storing/organizing my makeup brushes and other beauty devices that touch my face. Random, but it works well. I never have to dig for tweezers or wonder what happened to my eyeliner brush.

Anonymous said...

Do the tall IKEA containers (bottom of pantry) hold spaghetti? I was eyeing them, but not sure if they were tall enough.

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Yes, they sure do!

gentrier said...

I organize...for fun! I eve organize other people's closers, nurseries, garages, offices for fun. Love it!