10 Random Things

1. I went to the White House today, it never stops being cool.
2. I wish I could get the time back that commuting costs me. I wish I could fix dinner while I was on the metro.
3. I have heard from two people in the last two days who found our blog and have similar situations (one able bodied spouse or partner and one disabled). You are a big part of why we lay our junk out there. Thanks for contacting us!
4. My nephew’s birthday is Friday. Why are all nephew cards super lame?
5. I had writer’s block today. My usual cures, Matchbox 20 and a latte’ helped. Phew!
6. I am eager to see our families for the Holidays, can’t wait to get some solid plans set!
7. I wish my eyebrows would wax themselves. I don’t have time to deal with them!
8. I am headed back to Iowa on Friday. I am looking forward to a few days on the campaign trail, but I will miss my Michael. I may or may not have been having political withdrawals.
9. I love people (especially in the customer service profession) who speak English. I love you.
10. I wish I was a better blogger and that I wasn’t literally phoning this post in.

Maybe I will do better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “10 Random Things

  1. And even though your blog followers may or may not comment on a regular basis, be assured we’re here, we’re reading, we’re loving you guys, and we’re so thankful that you both take time to share your lives here! Keep ‘em coming!

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