Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Weekend Recap

We've been pretty lazy on weekends lately.
I think it's the weather.
I mean, who wants to go out in the fah-reezing cold when you don't have to, right?
So, we've been snuggling up on Saturdays, watching a lot of documentaries.

NOT last weekend!
It was a super busy weekend for us!
And fun-filled!

Friday night, we drove down to Fredericksburg with some friends from church, Will and Rachel, to see our friend Dan in his high school's production of Sweeney Todd.
I didn't know the story, it was quite dark!
Dan did a good job, and you could really tell those teenagers put a lot of hard work into their production.
I love teenagers.
I still love high school, even though I'm pretty far removed from it at this point.

This is Dan with his all-star mom, Deb.
We love Deb. She's the co-leader of our prayer team at church. Awesome lady!
It was also so much fun to road trip it with Will and Rachel! Car rides are a good way to get to know each other!

Saturday, Michael trekked it over to the mall to get his toes done.
There are a lot of things I do for that boy, some of it is definitely personal and yucky... but I have to draw the line somewhere.
And one of those lines I draw is at his toes.
I do not clip toenails.
I just don't.
So, he goes to the mall and pays someone else to do it.
Thank God! Good move for our marriage :)
He did this last Saturday.

And a certain someone was quite sad to be left behind.
It was so cute!
Brokaw was pacing back and forth, looking for Michael for about half an hour!
So sweet.
Bubba loves his Daddy.

And.... Sunday, SUNDAY!
Such an awesome time with our good friends, Pat and Lavina.
They brought lunch, which included an appetizer, and dessert!!! :)

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these two people!!
Pat and Lavina are really good friends.
The kind of people who help you move, not once, but twice.
The kind of people who bring lasagna, cupcakes and muffins and dip to your house, eat it, and chill with you for an entire Sunday afternoon.
Pat and Michael played web nerds together.
Lavina and I talked girl-talk in the living room.
I love her, she's like a little sister. :)

Then, miracle of miracles, Pat hooked our HDTV antenna up in my closet, of all places! He is seriously a cable guy. Like a for-real cable guy! No more rabbit ears! Not even a cord in sight.
Pat, you are my hero.

We were so filled after their visit.
Filled with yummy food.
And filled with joy that we have such good friends!
Love you guys!! Shout out to you!!


LaDonna said...

Lazy weekends are nice, but weekends packed with time with friends are so much better! Hi to Pat and Lavina.

Kristen Maddux said...

Friends like that are for keeps!