Tomato Paste and E-mail

Random, yes, I know. But those two things made my Monday bearable. When I got to work last night, Jessi had this for me:Img_0161_2

Isn’t that grand? I can’t wait to cook with it. It is merely another step I can take towards becoming Rachael Ray. It’s a long road ahead, but I have tomato paste in a tube, so anything is possible.

Now, the other thing that happened this morning that was grand was in the form of an e-mail. I finished up Penelope Trunk’s book this weekend, and let me just tell you, friends, you must read this book. It is no nonsense about the work world. I love every inch of it. I wrote her this morning to tell her that I loved the book, I think she’s brilliant, and that she should come speak at a seminar or something in DC because I would buy a ticket and you know what??? SHE WROTE ME BACK!! Told me she loved my “spunk.” Yeah! That ROCKS.

So, that was pretty splendid. See? Tomato paste and e-mail, making my day. Anything is possible.

Then, I ran into this guy online:


Cute, yes? I certainly think so. I’m in total countdown mode. Counting down to Valentine’s Day – who would have thunk it? I’m psyched. Pumped. Really needing to get my eyebrows waxed. That’s on tomorrow’s to-do list.

Please pray for my friend Christin and her husband, Dave. They get some huge test results tomorrow and need your prayers. Have at it. Wear your knees out. Please.


  1. I’m looking forward too! But I am disappointed to play second to tomato paste. I prefer mint or cinnamon myself.

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