Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida, Florida, Florida

080128nightlyblog2pOh, those words from the 2000 election are forever burned in my brain.  Tim Russert and his little dry erase board, LOVE IT.  I'm going to guess for tonight and call Florida for Mitt Romney.  I am clearly not always right about these things, but it's fun to play.  It's much more my speed than Fantasy Football.  Did everyone read Brian Williams' blog yesterday? Brian is the man because he uses phrases such as "sensory assault" and notices things such as the kind of ipod the President has.  Oh my goodness.  I wish I was at that lunch table... and T. Russert was right next to the Prez!   

Oh... some day.

Okay, so let's talk about last night.  State of the Union.  I am such a geek about SOTU.  It's like the Superbowl to me.  Seriously.  One day, when I'm not working on State of the Union night, if that EVER happens, I vow to have a State of the Union party.  I can only think of two people off the top of my head that will definitely come, but still.  Chex mix. Cool drinks. POTUS on the tizo.  I vow.

Img_0090This was my first State of the Union in DC.  I have always watched it, in Roanoke, or in Norfolk, or in Pittsburgh, with my little pre-released speech in hand from the Associated Press.  And this time, even though I wasn't THERE it was still cool, knowing it was going on right down the street. The Prez, all the members of Congress, his admin., the Supreme Court under one roof.  And quite a roof it is.  Knocks my socks off. Seriously. (photo courtesy Greg Compton)

Img_0075I wasn't there, but my co-workers were.  I was super-psyched for Jessi.  She was staked out at Statuary Hall, interviewing lawmakers for our stations.  She was very impressive in her suit and very attentive with her clip board.  We are professionals, people. 

Img_0081So, how do you memorize all the Congressmen for 26 different stations across the country?  Easy.  You make a yearbook.


The circus is in town!

Oh, what a night.  I am exhausted just reliving it.  It's a good reminder to me, to be thankful to be in this town.  Yes, I do wish I was a producer at a network, chilling with GWB for lunch, rather than the overnight producer at a bureau, but you know what? I'm on my way.  I'm here. That's the state of my union.  And I'm grateful.

Which reminds me... I am almost ready to disclose my New Year's Resolution. (I usually spend the month of January mulling around ideas and don't really commit to anything until February, I just find that works better for me)

Okay, what else did I want to get off my chest and into the world wide web? Oh, YES.  On this Florida Primary day, I ask you, the American people, do all voters actually eat in diners?  So, people who vote eat at diners, or people who eat at diners vote?  Which way is it, exactly? And, please, can we please interview some regular people somewhere else? At the mall? At the beach? People are everywhere.  While I'm on this rant (per Nikole's request) can I also ask that we please stop this "Super" and "Tsunami" Tuesday insanity? Please.  It's super duper crazy triple dog dare Tuesday. Go to the diner, then - go vote!!

Hillary_purseOne more thing... since I'm churning.  Did you guys see Hillary Clinton coming into the State of the Union last night? She was carrying a purse.  Yep. Running for President, and carrying her own purse.  I have NEVER seen this woman carrying a purse before IN MY LIFE.  She has people that do that.  I thought it was random.  But funny. Like, hmmmm.... just in case you need to escape to the Ladies room?

Ahhhhh. There you go.  Whew.  Out of my head.  On the screen.  Soon, on a screen near you.  I deleted 1,811 e-mails today.  Hadn't cleaned out my inbox since New Hampshire.  Now, I can breathe.  Hi.

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