Monday, February 11, 2008

Right now I'm drinking out of a plastic Kenny Chesney cup.  I probably paid $10 for the drink that was originally in this cup.  Oh how I wish a sip out of this cup would take me back... to the sun, to the concert, cowboy hat, flip flops, scream-singing.  Can't wait 'til summer!  Kenny will be in Virginia Beach July 17th - it's a Thursday.  Note to self: must get that day and the day after off.

I am groggy.  Didn't get enough sleep.  I hope soon (whatever that means) that I can be off this dreadful shift.  I feel like my 20s are passing me by as the days come and go in a fog.  Last night when I was getting ready for work I stopped myself from applying lip gloss to my eyelashes.  This is what I'm talking about, people.  You don't ever get used to waking up at 11pm.  It's just not normal.  I've been working overnights for more than a year now and it's still just... not right.

In my fog as I watched World News last night, I felt like Charlie was doing a newscast specifically tailored to me.  Oh, the joy of February sweeps, when you're smack dab in the middle of that "sweet" demographic spot - a woman between 25 and 54.  The economy.  Splenda is bad?!?!  Blackberry outage!?!? What is the world coming to?

Oh, I'll share this too -- happy random blog post.  So, yesterday I was in a Hallmark store and this woman came up to me from behind and just started talking.  I assumed she thought I was someone else because that happens to me ALL THE TIME.  In the elevator.  At the gym.  In the mall.  When I start a new job, I almost always hear from at least one person about how I remind them of their cousin/college roommate/sister/neighbor.  I may have even blogged before about how I think I am just the generic short blond chick.  I am, and that's okay, really. 

Anyway, back to the Hallmark stranger... so this woman taps me on the shoulder, "Excuse me." She proceeds to ask me if I would be a hair model for her.  She is apparently a hair stylist and is looking for people to take pictures of for advertisements.  I thought this was HILARIOUS!  She told me I could get free hair cuts.  I got my hair cut on Friday, and I told her and she was like, "yes, I see that."  Okay? So, do you see the problem here, lady? You didn't cut it!  Don't you think that's a little dishonest to take pictures of my hair and sell them as your work?  Apparently this is not an issue.  She gave me her card.  Huh-larious!!  I can't wait to tell my stylist, Helen.  Helen does a great job and she always cuts me a deal.  We're in a committed relationship, I'll never cheat on her but I have to tell her because she'll be flattered.

That's all for now.  Back to the fog.  And work.  And my Kenny Chesney cup.  Valentine's trip countdown: 1 day!!

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christin said...

this post is hysterical.
first off i have the SAME ISSUE. everyone always tells me i remind them of - someone. a celebrity that they can never place. their cousin's friend from college. their aunt's dog. I dunno. I'm the generic brunette chick to your generic blonde chick. :)
the hair modeling thing - WOW. that is skeevy! One time I had a mary kay lady (who didn't reveal herself as such right away) ask me if I would be a face model, tell me I had "beautiful skin" (I SO DO NOT) and then I realized it was just a ploy to get me to buy stuff. LAME.
i also love how your relationship with your hair stylist is like a marriage.