Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not much time to post today... sorry.

AfpdanaperinoWelcome to Dana Perino, the new White House Press Secretary. Yesterday was her first briefing.  I got to interview her last week. She was very cool - when I didn't remember the name of an Iraqi Sheik who was killed - and she didn't remember where VP Cheney was going to be on Monday.  Us Danas stick together - and we're slowly taking over the world.

One size six shoe step at a time.

Today, on my way home from work, I discovered that I live only 0.8 miles from an Ann Taylor Loft. I wish I did not know this. It cannot, in any way, be any good.

Granny Nora is staying with me for the week! We're having so much fun!!!

Oh, happy birthday to a dear friend, :).

That's right :) is 25 today! I had no idea! We only met like 8 years ago and I thought :) was the coolest thing. :) has come a long way - but I don't know all of the cool codes - so I just stick with the basic :).  It makes me :).

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