Thursday, September 27, 2007


How are ya?

I'm sorry I haven't had a substantive post in a while... I keep meaning to blog, you know how it is.  Like when you keep meaning to send that thank-you note or return that DVD.

You're going to get a rambling mess... FYI, but hopefully, you enjoy.

Right now, I'm eating a Lean Cuisine at my desk at work. It's kind of stinky. I feel kind of bad for my co-workers - who have to smell the Sesame Chicken at 8:00 in the morning. Mmmmm....

Yesterday I was in the elevator in my building and this girl asked me if I went to Miami of Ohio (I've never understood that school name btw...) and I had to tell her "Nope."  This happens to me all the time. Not the Miami of Ohio thing but I feel like lots of people ask me all the time if I'm someone else.  I guess I'm kind of generic - looking... I look like lots of other girls or something? When I do that "celebrity face match" search thing on the internet, I always get Jamie Lynn Spears - what in the world?

Let me vent for a minute about how not-with-it I was last night on my way out the door.  I forgot my glasses (who does that?), my blackberry, and MY COFFEE.  It's truly a miracle that I'm still here. 

Just finished the Lean Cuisine. I hope you all have a nice Thursday and I hope to post pictures of my fabulous weekend with friends here in the city - and you've got to see Brokaw's Halloween costume.

Yes, he has a Halloween costume, and no, I don't have a life.


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