Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Flood

Img_3734I woke up last night at about 11pm - yes - for the first time since I started working overnights here I actually slept a decent amount of time.

I stepped into the kitchen to turn off my cell phone, which doubles as my alarm.  I realized pretty quickly that I was standing in water! About ankle deep.

It was so gross. It was coming up out of the sink and cascading down the cabinets.  Gross smelling dirty water.


I called maintenance - they came and spent half the night drudging the pipes under the sink. It was loud. It sounded like they were mining in there!  They fixed it. And thankfully, I think the only thing of mine that was destroyed was my cookbooks. Sad, but not that bad.  I'm mildly worried about the blackberry I have for work - it was in the flood zone, charging.  I can't figure out if it's damaged - or if I just don't know how to work it yet - which is a strong possibility.

Img_3741Housekeeping came this morning and cleaned up the black muck.  But it looks like the carpet will have to be replaced and a carpenter will have to come look at the cabinets to see if they're salvageable.

Whew. What a night! Man, I'm glad I don't own this place :)



Becky said...

oh no! that's no good. :( at least other people came to take care of it and you didn't have to worry about it.

christin said...

oh my gosh!!!! poor girl!!! how did that even happen? pipes burst, is that right?