Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm blogging at work. Believe it or not, this is my first time. (blushing) Here are my random, tired ramblings...

I spent last week "in the light" working the day shift. It was nice while it lasted and I learned new things at work, which is always a plus, but I am happy to be back to my "new normal."  Sleeping in the dark though, nothing beats it, let me just tell you.

So, check this out, my new addiction, the Today Show now has a blog: http://allday.msnbc.msn.com

It's neat. Lots of behind the scenes/this is how we work stuff.  Some of it makes me jealous (the 23 year olds that work on the Today Show - it's so not fair, will I ever get there?) It seems like a lot of the producers just started there right out of college. Ouch. I can't turn back time, you know?

I can already tell I'm going to get Heather Millsed out.  Just like I got Jennifer Hudsoned out. One thing about Heather though, she was totally wearing my "reading is sexy" t-shirt on GMA today, and that, well, rocks.

Today it's going to be 70. I am so taking little B-man to the dog park when I get up this afternoon. Then, Saturday, it's going to snow.  I think I am going to have to make a road trip, I'm running from the snow.  I switched my closet over to "spring" this weekend. And I'm not wearing socks today. When I switch over to not wearing socks, I don't like to switch back.  Snow and no socks obviously don't mix, so see? I have to hit the road.  I hate socks. Except the super fluffy ones they started making a couple of years ago, I don't mind those, but not socks AND shoes. geez.

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christin said...

omg, my big plan this weekend is to switch out my closets/drawers too!!! I feel like just boycotting closed-toed shoes from now til August. i know that's impossible. but that's what i'm ready for.