Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bust a Cap in your...

Saturday night, my co-worker, Melanie, had a little housewarming get-together. We warmed that house up all right! Aaahahaha. Gretchen went as my wingman. We had a blast, which is the thing about when we get together. The blast part is a given.  The girl cracks me up because she immediately sees things like this as an opportunity: So, I am about to throw the cap from my drink in the trash can.  I pull it out of my back pocket, and in that moment, Gretchen and I lock eyes, share a moment in the same time and space and we literally say at the same time "Cap in my A**!".  This was, of course, followed by a couple of digital pictures of my hindside, taken reluctantly, and posted on this blog equally as reluctantly.  You should have seen the other people at the party in the kitchen looking at us like we were crazy!! Ahahahaha... it was classic a classic Gretchen/Dana moment.  Much like "poor man's hummer" and "white trash."  Classic, I tell you.  So, because the joke made my night, you can see a picture of me from behind.  Consider this picture a collector's item, I don't let many cameras get me from behind!  See - I had a cap in my A**!"Img_1771Img_1772

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

Girl you look good. Why don't you back that a$$ up? Seriously, damn them jeans, they make the booty look sweet!

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