Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quick Update

--Sunday's first service at Northway Oakland was amazing. It was packed. I am excited to see this new community come together.

--Saturday night, as I was meeting my friend Sarah out for St. Patrick's Day, she leans in my ear and whispers, "Just so you know, Mike just proposed." Just like that. Just like it's not a big deal.  Someone, please explain to Sarah that an impending marriage, in and of itself, is a big deal! Congratulations you guys!

--Spring is officially here. 8:07 tonight was the equinox thing. Not sure if I spelled that correctly, whatever. It's here, that's the important thing. I took B-dawg out for a walk on the town to celebrate.  Surely, in an hour, he will be curled up on my clean towel while I take a shower.  I love this guy.


1 comment:

Missi said...

Just so you know, I found out about Sarah and Mike from your blog.. lol. I was pretty much the last person to know!! HAHAH.. Keep blogging and keeping me updated!! I'm in 3 mornings next week.. cya then!