sunday night

  There are good and bad things about Sunday night.  Good = nice reflective time, relaxed mode… time to unwind, clean, get ready for the week ahead.  There’s hope too… a new week ahead.  The bad, there’s a whole week of work ahead!  Ahh!  And it’s May.  A rough and tumble time in local TV news.  It’s a very important ratings period.  My boss said Friday, "A good May book is a good summer."  No pressure, seriously… thanks.

I have had a great weekend.  I downloaded some really good cds:B000bntm3201_1 B000cqqhhc01B000edwm5y01 B000dn5vjy01 B0001ljc6601

With all of this good music, I just wanted to listen and listen and listen… so I did.  I was fairly productive… laundry, cleaning, cooking etc.

I’m a little frustrated with my face right now.  Seriously, I thought acne was supposed to be an adolescent problem.  Apparenly my face got the memo about 10 years late.  I have zits on my forehead and my chin!! Ew! And when I get a zit… it’s a big one.  My face doesn’t play around.  Like the rest of me, it’s all or nothing.  I get these giant, painful puss filled monsters that leave their evil red marks behind for months.  So, it’s war.  Oh yeah.  I went to Sam’s Club and bought this stuff that’s supposed to be like ProActiv, you know the Jessica Simpson advertized stuff?  We’ll see if it works.  If I look like Jessica Simpson in two weeks… I’ll be happy.

Speaking of her… so Nick Lachey has it going on these days.  Seriously.. he has a new infomercial out about Core Strength… some kind of exercise DVD or somethign… He does a lot of sit ups on one of those giant inflatable balls.  It’s nice!  I can always feel myself getting wooed by infomercials.  I’m such a marketer’s dream!! And Nick Lachey’s new song, "What’s Left Of Me," is pretty good.

Last night I hung out with people from work… had a blast… I also had curly hair. (it was all an attempt to draw attention away from the Appalachian Mountains forming on my forehead and chin)New_pics_003New_pics_001_1

Well.. that’s just about all for now.  A chilled weekend.  A good thing.  Ready for a new week?  Ready or not.. here it comes!

Oh, also this weekend, I got a new scanner/printer and it’s sweet!  I’ll scan some of the hilarious pictures my Granny sent me of me and my brother when we were little.  Coming soon. Laughs guaranteed.


  1. Gretchen says:

    Hey, Your hair looks so good in this pic. How do you get it like that? Teach me!

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