Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Favorite Things

Every year Oprah has this special show that gets ridiculous ratings called "My Favorite Things." She gives away awesome stuff like cars, computers, ipods.. you get the point.  No, that wasn't her show today... you didn't miss anything.  Seriously, today she had Teri Hatcher, and I only saw like the last 5 minutes of the show.. but I'm thinking, yeah.. you didn't miss much.  Apparently Teri Hatcher has a book called "Burnt Toast" or something. There, you're all caught up.

Back on task... So today I experienced a couple of my favorite things.  The smell of summer rain and a long, hot bath.  Yes, in that order... but there was a bunch of random stuff in between... all of it quite regular and not worth writing home about.  But I was just thinking of listing my favorite things... so here goes:

1. Chocolate Turtle Ice Cream from Bruster's (my new vice... it's on the way home from work, darn it!)

2.  Chef Boyardee's Spaghetti and Meatballs (total comfort food, always handy)

3.  The smell of summer rain (you know what I mean by this -- that smell after it rains when it's warm... it kind of stinks and smells good at the same time, I dig it)

4.  New shampoo and conditioner (always an adventure... and a splurge since I never really need to buy this, I have so much)

5.  The feeling of freshly brushed teeth (nothing else like it)

6.  The internet (seriously, how did people survive 10 years ago without it?)

7.  A long hot bath (even better if you have a good smelling candle and a good magazine... tonight I had both)

8.  A good book (one that makes you dream and think)

9.  A new CD (or these days, a new download)

10.  Ann Taylor Loft (Ann Taylor is my hero... so is Kate Spade, but I can't afford her, so Ann & I are tight)

Of course, there are many more... and it varies all the time... if I were making this list any other night, perhaps the top 10 favorite things would be different. Be that as it may, this is where I stand in this moment.  If I could just add a couple more things... they would be a really good night's sleep (which I feel coming on right now) and the Today Show (which I will blissfully experience shortly after my good night's sleep)

Hope all is well.  We are so blessed, yeah?  Life is Good... or at least that's what the shirt I'm wearing right now says.  So true.

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