Saturday, December 24, 2011

On Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, y'all!

I hope you're in the spirit.
I think I am.
I'm snuggled on my chair in the living room (in a slightly new spot thanks to a little re-arrangement) with Brokaw, and we're watching the news and the Christmas tree is right in the window, in all its glory.

I'm having a beer.
And I can hear Michael in the other room, stuffing my stocking :)
I hear tissue paper.... which I may or may not have made a snotty remark about when he asked me to get it for him. I'm such a brat sometimes.

Lasagna is in the oven.
In the spirit of not killing myself this Holiday Season.

Tomorrow, we're having steaks, instead of the whole turkey plus fixin's.
I feel kind of bad about that, but kind of like I just did that whole Thanksgiving thing like, um, yesterday.

It's been a great week home from work.
I saw my sister! :)
We visited the wounded warriors at Walter Reed.
I saw two out of three of my nephews. :)
I saw my mom and Dave. :)
We went to see the decorations at the White House, and because we needed to go up the elevator, we went through a different way from everyone else on the tour and we saw BO THE DOG!! Secret Service wouldn't let me take his picture. I was seriously so excited to see him because while I've seen the President hundreds of time, Bo has eluded me!
We went driving around with EggNog Lattes and looked at Christmas lights around Northern Virginia.
We took an EPIC trip to Ikea. :)
Our living room is already mid-transition, there's a new cabinet in my bathroom, and I'm SO EXCITED about painting/changing the office/guest room because it has been driving me crazy forever.
I already love LOVE love the changes to the living room.
We spent a bunch of gift cards and that was SO MUCH FUN.

Man, I am ready for that lasagna.
And I'm looking forward to sharing Christmas morning with my Love.
We have our own little Christmas traditions, and while they are still young, they are fun.

We wake up and read the Christmas story out of the Bible, while we're still in the bed.
We eat breakfast.
We open gifts. (We just do stockings for each other, and we have a $50.00 limit)
We call our families.
We watch football.
We eat a special, super yummy dinner.
And the rest is, ahem, private married kind of stuff. :)

I love Christmas!
I hope y'all have a very Merry one!
We have so much to be thankful for this year.
Our Savior has been good to us.
Happy Birthday, Jesus.  Thanks for coming to earth and bringing us new life in you.

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