Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gifts That Speak to My Heart

I'm going to let you in on a little thing I have a hard time with, sometimes.
Feeling like a woman.
Not to go all Shania Twain or anything, but let's face it.  Because my husband is paralyzed, and just isn't able to do somethings, I do them.
Some of these things are things that would traditionally fall on "the man."
Like fixing things, building things, lifting things, reaching things, driving, you get the picture.

I do all of that.

Also, because of our situation - and the fact that every time we go anywhere, I literally have to lift Mr. Wonderful up and put him in our SUV, and lift the wheelchair and put it in, I NEVER wear skirts.  I NEVER wear heels.

Add all of this up, and sometimes, I just don't feel very girly anymore.
Not that I was ever a really, really girly girl, but anyway.
It's not something I dwell on a lot, but it is something that can be aggravating at times.

Enter my Christmas gifts from my husband this year.
A collection of lip glosses.
A collection of perfumes.
And the darling little box pictured above.  A handmade, super girly box to put my wedding rings in.  My rings are hand-me-downs from my Granny, and they've never had a box.  So, at home, they are often just sitting around. Michael just noticed that, and got me this box on Etsy.


I felt so loved as I was putting my Christmas presents away.
This is how my man sees me.
As a woman.
As a lady.
Who is pretty.
And smells good.
And needs a place to put her shiny diamond rings.

Not as a grubby taxi driver/handyman/maid/nurse.
I needed that gift most of all.
And, he didn't even know that.

The beautiful thing about gifts is that they all speak.  They all say something.
And I loved to hear what these Christmas presents told me.


Kristen Maddux said...

Wow. Love that. Like you said, it's even more special that you hadn't whined/complained/nagged (what I can tend to do in similar situations :) about not feeling girly & what not, but he did it cause that's how he sees you. Sweeter gift than the actual items, for sure.

janice said...

What a beautiful gift to be able to say all of that without saying anything at all! Happy Holidays!! P.S....I have the same issue with the skirts/heels and lifting the wheelchair, and keep in mind I don't dress up too often, but the easiest solution I have found (aside from not wearing them) is spandex bike sorts/leggins and a bag of flats! I have a drawer full of leggins that I wear under anything I can get away with and if they just don't work I wear the shorts (which I bought specifically to wear under things NOT exercise lol and CVS carries flats in a bag that I just throw in the car if we are out and I have heels on...not the most flattering footwear but they work!)

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...


Deila Taylor said...

Lovely thoughts and sweet gifts. You have a good thing going there. I love boxes like that.

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Janice = brilliant. Great idea, thank you!

gentrier said...

Great perspective. Sometimes I feel when we get ready to go somewhere, by the time we leave the house, Matt looks great and I look haggard. :( I tell him if I looked great everyday he wouldn't appreciate it as much. So my looking not so put together 6 days a week is for his benefit. Lol!

Dana Brown Ritter said...

Seriously! When people say something to Michael about how good he looks or how glad they are to see him wherever. I just smile, and I'm like "Phew! You have no idea what it took to get him here!" Haha. I think sometimes people can look at me and tell that I'm just ready to fall asleep whenever we get to where we are going!

Adrienne Cabal said...

Beautiful post. Makes me think of God's love for us. He often speaks the contrary of what we speak to ourselves.