Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Making Homemade Dog Food

For the past month, Princess has been on a little food trial.

She is itchy all the time, so she constantly chews and licks herself all the time, and therefore smells like old lady dog breath.
God love her.
Bless her heart.
But it's bad.

Our vet thinks she might be allergic to something in dog food.
So, for the last month, I have been making her food. She can only eat sweet potatoes and pinto beans. That. Is. It.

I tried cooking some for her in the crock pot, but she actually seems to prefer the canned stuff.
Thank God for Aldi, or this diet would cost a small fortune!
Princess did like the homemade sweet potato skins as treats. But there haven't been any of those since the crockpot meal she wasn't a fan of, so, it's organic sweet potato chips for her!
Two more months of this food trial before we will know anything. It doesn't seem to be making a difference so far, but I'm hoping it will.

Because even though hand mixing "dog food" by hand is more time consuming and more expensive, I'm willing to to that for our little Princess.
And, ahem, for a better smelling house.
I'm not sure if Mr. Corn Chip feet is going to like going back to bit having sweet potato/pinto coated dog food. It seems he has become quite spoiled. (what else is new, right?)


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