Friday, January 21, 2011

Inlaws, Broken Bones (And Other Things), Prizes and Ice, Ice Baby

Well, here I am again.
*How's THAT for a title??
I'm going to spare you, however, this time, from my lack-of-blogging apology.

I apologize too much anyway. Maybe not here. But in real life I say "I'm sorry" way. too. much. When I'm not responsible. Or even sorry, really. I apologize because I feel guilty.

Okay, getting off the therapy couch now... and I'm going to update you on our lives.

First up - ironically - something I feel guilty about (shocker).
After my last post with 500,000 pictures of my family, I've let almost two weeks pass without letting you in on another fact.
My in-laws came to visit.

Yep. Buddy and LaDonna arrived here the same day we returned from seeing my fam in the 757.
Hanging with my family and then hanging with Michael's family in the same 24 hour period is pretty much 100% guaranteed to make you have whip lash.

They're slightly lower-key.
They're also the sweetest people on the planet.
Which explains why their son is the gushy sweetness of a thing that he is.
Good, sweet, stock.

We had my favorite salad for dinner Saturday. I feel like I've posted about this salad before (I made it up) but now I can't find it. Rats.
Sunday, we went to church together, then out to lunch at Bonefish Grill. I spent most of that time on a conference call for work, unfortunately, because it was the day after the Tucson shooting.

Then, we pried them away from their computers for a little family game time.

The cross wasn't on purpose, but it doesn't hurt, right?

Let's just say Buddy is the reigning Dominoes master. (that's how you spell dominoes, right? without the e, I was thinking about pizza.)

It took me a really long time to understand this game. It revolves around math. Had I realized this from the start, I never would have agreed to such nonsense! I adhere to a strict no-math policy!

My Father-In-Law? Not so much.

But, he brings me Caramel Macchiatos, so we're good. :)

We also played some Taboo, which LaDonna and I OWNED.
Don't even try me!

More brownie points were awarded to Buddy when he drove me to the Metro the next day for work! A week later, I was really missing him...

Work has been CRAZY. I spent a short time on Capitol Hill the Monday morning after the Tucson shooting.

Security, everywhere.

I left work early to take Michael to the doctor, because remember, he fell into the Christmas tree? Yeah, well, it ended up getting really, really BAD.

My love has a broken knee!

Yep, confirmation came from the x-ray. I hope it heals soon because while Michael can't feel it, it's obvious that his body is not happy! Boo! He is such a trooper, though. And the good news is, we were already doing everything we needed to do for it to heal. Not like it's hard for him to stay off of it, right?

That day at the doctor was a WIN. Those situations usually turn me into a crying mess, but I had a number of people praying for me that day and it really worked! I cheerfully got my husband up onto the table at the doctor's office to be examined, then onto the x-ray table (that was like as high as my chest!) and back home, in one piece.

So you know what that means....

I got a prize!!!
I am such a 4 year old, that way.
I'm glad my husband is finally on board with this. If you tell me if I am a good girl, I will get a prize, I will be a good girl!

*Shout out to my mother who hooked me up with an awesome prize package last week including this Starbucks card!!
I am being a GOOD GIRL now, y'all. Keep the prizes coming :)

Let's see, what else has been up lately?


It has been crazy, but I'm weird, and I actually prefer that.

The Chinese President came to visit. That was fun.

There was a translation mix-up during the press conference that was comical.

As usual, I took a funny picture of the President.
This press conference was the most fun of all of the press conferences involving world leaders I've covered.
But, it was pretty long, so I reached my ADD threshold, and started taking random pictures.

Like this.
It sure is pretty, but it doesn't produce enough light for television, so these are also hanging around.

ADD, I tell you, major ADD. I blame smartphones.

Seeing Sasha Obama at the arrival ceremony, interacting with her classmates, was pretty cool, too.

Okay, I think you're pretty much caught up.
Oh, add my poor iPhone to the list of things that's broken at our house (including M's knee)

Oh well. I'll deal with this next weekend.

For now, I'm heading home to chill with the man of my dreams and put the "love" in loveseat.
We don't sit there together enough (it does take some effort) but we did last weekend and we remembered how nice it was, so it's on the agenda again.

Cheers. Happy weekend, y'all.

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