Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

Most days I work out of the house, especially with the crazy weather lately. The DC area has had record snow this winter. In December around two feet and in the past week around THREE! With so much accumulation, the streets, sidewalks, yards, everything has been a white mess.

Dana's work required her to be in the city Tuesday and Wednesday, despite the looming blizzard. They stayed in hotels overnight to skip the commute. I was invited, but knew the pets would do better with somebody at home. So we braved the night while Dana stayed in the city. Yesterday, with more weather headed their way, Dana's boss sent them home for yesterday and she took a snow day today to work from home.

So it has been nice today having my partner around the house. We got an extra couple hours sleep and have enjoyed just being around each other. Even though I'm working on my school and Web projects and she has her stuff, the house is a little less empty with her around. Looking ahead to eating some roast and homemade bread for lunch -- together.

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