Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Unhealthiest Food Week, Ever

We just wrapped up our unhealthiest food week, ever. Since we've been married, we've eaten fairly healthy, balanced meals. Even for breakfast, we generally do really well. I try hard to make sure we get fruit/vegetable(s) and protein in every meal. Well... last week: FAIL.

Monday: (actually, looking back, this was not bad at all!)
We had pork chops with roasted apples over whole grain brown rice, acorn squash with butter & brown sugar, and steamed broccoli.

Tuesday: We spent the evening in the city at NCC's All Church Celebration! Traffic was a nightmare getting there, but it was totally worth it! Before the service at the Lincoln Theater, we had dinner next door at Ben's Chili Bowl. We both had a half smoke and split a giant order of fries.
Wednesday: I worked really late and even though I had a pound of ground beef thawing all day to make spaghetti with when I got home, it was just way too late to cook and be in bed at a decent time, so Michael ordered dinner to be delivered. I can't even tell you how nice it was to come home knowing that I didn't have to worry about cooking! We split a Greek Salad (*yum*) and a steak sub. That was actually a very decent meal!

Thursday: This was my ultimate failure! I got home really late AGAIN, and that pound of ground beef that had great expectations... of being paired with fresh veggies and whole wheat pasta... ended up in a skillet with the contents of a box of HAMBURGER HELPER! Yes, that's right! I thought to myself as I sprinkled the powdered cheese product over the browned meat... yeah... this will NOT be photographed for the blog! Haha. It tasted pretty yummy, though, but we ate way too much, along with our side of frozen mixed veggies. I felt sick afterwards.

Friday: Um, yeahhh...... again, I didn't get home from work until like 7pm, and I was exHAUSTED! So, I stopped at Wendy's. #1 with cheese, please, oh, and of course, a DIET COKE! Haha.

I should have known this wasn't going to be a good, healthy eating week when our breakfast Sunday morning (or was it Monday?) consisted of... cupcakes and sausage. Ha!

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