Saturday, June 20, 2009

Truths About Babies

No!  I'm not having one. Not yet, at least!  So stand down, rumor mill.  I just have a couple of thoughts on them.  These thoughts are quite controversial.  And I certainly don't mean to hurt any mothers' feelings with these statements.  But I believe any self-respecting, truth-telling person will tell you, these are pretty widely held beliefs.

First, I'm sorry, but puppies are cuter than babies.  They just are.

Second, white babies are the least cute on the planet.  They (as newborns at least) all look the same.  Like squishy, grumpy little old men.

I mean look at us as babies:  We look the same!  Guess which one is me and which one is Michael!!  (Mom, you are not allowed to participate)Img088


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