Sunday, June 21, 2009

Room at the Inn

I topped off my productive weekend with another purge session.  I have way too much crap, like most Americans.  But, behold - I have the best reason in the world for getting rid of it!!  There's a really cute boy moving in soon!  And he will need somewhere to put his stuff!

I am proud to announce, as of this afternoon, I have successfully vacated half of my closet and an entire dresser!!  I would like the record to show that I used to own two walk-in closets full of clothes!  I used to pretty much collect clothes as a hobby, so this is a very big deal, people!  I have gotten rid of so much over the last few months, now I'm actually at a livable point!  I'm so proud :)

I cleaned out all my jammies and stuff, too.  I can't be lounging around single-girl style in my holy, coffee-stained extra large NBC shirt anymore!  I want to look hot for my man!  So, if it isn't decent, it got thrown out, and if I don't love it and wear it, it's going to be sold in my mother's next yard sale!


His half.

(that stuff will be gone after the wedding)

The stuff on the shelf is stuff I need to sew.  I've been needing to hem three pairs of pants for more than a year.  I don't know if I'm a leg dragger or what, but the hem always falls out the left leg of all of my pants, haha!

And my poor green trench coat.  I think it has a total of 3 buttons, and it's double-breasted, pretty embarrassing.


My half.

Not bad, eh?

OH... I'm also selling that 6 foot Martha Stewart Christmas tree.  Any takers?  It is not pre-lit, but it's really easy to put together, and it's really pretty and it doesn't shed.  Also, going on Craigslist!

I'm pretty proud of the creativity I mustered up to figure out how to get all of my clothes and shoes to fit on one side of the closet (albeit the bigger side!)


And, HIS dresser!

I already put a couple of things in there.

Can't wait until it's filled up!!!

Okay, seriously.  I should be sleeping!  I just realized that I still have my contacts in, though, so it looks like I'll be getting up before drifting off.

But yay for an uber-productive weekend, right?  And, I'm pretty sure I set some sort of blogging record, haha!  Cheers.

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Rebecca said...

way too go girl! i am so impressed. you should come help me!! i am in the process of trying to get rid of so much stuff. but the little one keeps distracting me. she is a good distraction though. love the dollar tree! love the footlocker, but have no way of getting it and plus i am trying to downsize seem very on top of things. super impressed. it will be a pretty wedding...can't wait to see all the pictures!!!