Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Friday!

Courtney P. had a point about calling Brokaw's toys "babies."  Although it is FAR from my mind right now, one day, in Brokaw's lifetime for sure, I do hope to have a real baby - so I have now decided to start calling Brokaw's toys "buddies."  He's still getting used to the idea.

I feel like this week has been one big fat long day!  When there's one story that dominates the news all week (hello, AIG) it always feels this way.  Plus, I had allergy issues Tuesday/Wednesday so I was just in a fog in general.  I'm better now, Yay!

Thursday, I met an old friend for lunch at Union Station.  Kathy!  Kathy and I went to high school together and reconnected thanks to Facebook.  Isn't Facebook the best for that?  You know the song that says "the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young."  I was totally feeling that yesterday, talking to Kathy.  It was refreshing.  Fun to catch up.  Lots of good laughs remembering skipping school to swim in her pool, being the "cool" nerds and pseudo-dating the same high school boyfriend.  Mems!

I had my first wedding dress fitting yesterday.  Holy Cow - that thing is going to be EXPENSIVE to alter.  Don't get me wrong, I love hearing that it will have to be TAKEN IN but geez!  It was more than I was anticipating, so it kind of sent me into that whole "how am I going to pay for all of this wedding stuff" tailspin right before bedtime... so that was tricky.  But, it will be fine.  Thankfully, we have some time.

Tomorrow, I hit the road for Virginia Beach!  Fun times with Gretchen and company for the Shamrock 8K.  I need to find my ipod and charge it... and my green hoodie.  I'm hitting the road right after work.  Then, Sunday, it's more DC touring fun with my new Arkansas cousins.  Woot woot!

Better go... TGIF e'rybody!


cindy floyd said...

Skipping school, swimming in a pool? Really? Not you!!

Courtney P said...

Aw, see, that's what I get for taking a hiatus on checking in on folks' blogs!! I get mentioned and don't even catch it until weeks later. :( I'm a blog following failure. Sorry girl! Thanks for the mention, anyways. Yay for "buddies"! ;) And I promise to be better about following along. lol